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FVE 2020 Spelling Bee Winners!
FVE 2020 Spelling Bee Winners!
FVE hosted their annual school spelling bee this week, and what a competition it was! After 15 rounds, Abrianna Vail was announced the FVE School Spelling Champion, when she correctly spelled the word abundance. The top three spellers were Abrianna Vail, Ella Hawkins, and Zanna Berman. These spellers will go on to the East Grand School District Bee in Granby to compete for a spot in the Colorado State Spelling Bee March 14.
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EGSD continues to earn high ratings
EGSD continues to earn high ratings
EGSD has received notification from the CO. Department of Education that we have received a rating of "Accredited." This is the second highest rating the state recognizes. Each of the 4 schools in the district have a rating of "Performance", the highest rating a school can have. Congratulations to all of the schools, staff, students, parents and community. Our good work is paying off!
Weather Cancellations
This is a reminder to be extra cautious driving in adverse weather conditions. We very rarely cancel school due to weather. If at anytime you do not feel safe getting your student to school or having your student drive to school please wait until conditions improve. If a student is late to school for weather related purposes, they will be excused. The student will have to make up any missed work but there will be no discipline for being late. We have considered a late start policy however that would place many of our families and students in a situation where a parent is required to be at work in the morning and no place for the student to go until school starts.
If school is cancelled you will be notified in the following ways: an alert will go out over Powerschool and on your school's app, it will be posted on the website and run on 9news as well as Channel 4.
Let's have a safe and wonderful winter in East Grand.
Thank you.
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