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East Grand School District continues to earn high ratings
East Grand School District has received notification from the Colorado Department of Education that we have received a rating of "Accredited." This is the second highest rating the state recognizes. Each of the 4 schools in the district have a rating of "Performance" which is the highest rating a school can have. Congratulations to all of the schools, staff, students, parents and community. Our good work is paying off!
Change of Payment Plans
Roughly 2 years ago, EGSD switched from MySchoolBucks to RevTrak for online payments. This change was made because MySchoolBucks only allowed payments for meals and not other fees or purchases. MySchoolBucks worked well, it just didn't fit our needs at the time.

Now MySchoolBucks has added the ability to pay for other items and fees as well so we will be switching back! Why make another change? MySchoolBucks works seamlessly with our food service software. It is recommended by PowerSchool, our Student Information System, and, best of all, it requires less work on the part of parents (less logging in) to make payments. Keep your eyes peeled for new payment icons on our websites!